Placecard inspiration

I'm feeling a bit crafty with all the rain today, I guess.

So, Kelly mentioned making placecards for the wedding. Aeons ago, I saw a How To card in Michael's for placecards like this:

The ones I remember had a sweet little bird instead of a butterfly... same idea with the image being cut out, though.
So for Kelly, I was thinking that it would be cool to have a peacock on the placecards.
I mocked these up using Illustrator and a peacock file ... I found somewhere.

I'm not sure what colors Kelly would prefer, so I picked a pretty blue that I like. Pairing it with black script was a little too harsh, so I greyed the font instead. Oh, and the fold line would be just above the name.


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Holiday ramblings

So today it's CasaSugar's day for a giveaway... and they're offering up 2 $500 gift certificates to Design Within Reach.
Now, the DWR studio is quite a bit more mid-century modern than my typical leanings... Yet I had no problem falling in love with a lamp. A $550 lamp, of course... so that's puppy's not mine unless I win!
Here is the beauty in question:

Oh, and another tangent I'm now off on? Thanks, CasaSugar, for this image:

I think I may just have to do this!


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Feeling inspired...

It is raining in San Diego.
Not the standard glorified mist that we usually get... real rain.
I love it...

I want to cuddle up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate (or maybe apple cider!) ...
This spot would work for me:

This spot looks nice and cozy, too. I like all the grey... though the wallpaper is too busy for me.

Or maybe I'll put on my boots and go for a walk!


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Halloween Freebie

I made cuteness and feel compelled to share.
I am planning to use these as the envelope seals for my Pumpkin Carving Party invitations (which are decidedly awesome, to)... and possibly as drink tags or confetti.
They are perfectly sized for a one-inch punch... I'm using a Martha Stewart scalloped punch.

Eat drink be scary.pdf (251 KB)
View this on posterous

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Wedding Inspiration: Yellow

an you think of a more cheerful color than yellow? Granted this particular shade is a bit muddy... I was thinking of a late summer color when I put these images together. Kind of like this pretty ipod wallpaper I have:

Image source unknown (sorry! let me know if it's yours!)

Save the Date Cards and Invitations:
1 - 
The Knot

The Admission Ticket invitations are a fun idea! I have seen some really fun takes on them. The graphic print of the yellow poppy is great, too.

Beautiful Favors:

Ok, so #4 is more of a table setting than a favor... and I think it's a cute idea! There is a site where you can make a personalized crossword puzzle. How perfect and playful! It could also be a very budget friendly favor - pretty pencils can be reasonable!

Table Settings:

These images make me want to make another batch of Ginger Lemonade. The tent is so pretty and fun! I'm a sucker for paper lanterns, too.


Of course I managed to find orchids again. Love the bicycle bouquet! I want to go ride a beach cruiser down to the park and lay in the grass with a good book.

Dresses, Hair & Guys:
4 - The Knot 

Ok, these are a little cleaner yellow. The wispy feathery hair thingy is just lovely! I think I want one. I could rock that with a french twist, n'est pas?

Let Them Eat Cupcake:

I was able to find some really darling cupcake images! I love the yellow hearts with the monogram. The sunflowers are great... and that's a ton of icing. Maybe a fondant sunflower would be a nice option... and most of the guests wouldn't go into a sugar coma after eating it.


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Wedding Inspiration from Grey Likes Weddings

I think I just found the color palette I’m using when I get married. I’m completely in love! 


Sources left to right from top: 1. Birch 2. Birch 3. Something Old Something New 4. Scent of Lisabetta by Sora Designs via Etsy 5. Brides 6. Birch 7. Jamie Anderson 8. Cotton Candy Erica Dress in Fresh Mint by J.Crew 9. Unknown

Wow, I am floored by the gorgeousness. Love, love, love the color combo!
Today I'll be working on another color combo inspiration post... Between loads of laundry and a well-deserved pedicure (just keeping it real, peeps). J & I already completed our morning run - yay! Just under 9 miles.

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Wedding Inspiration: Pretty Greens!

Weddings are wonderful. Yes, it is a ton of work putting it all together... Oh, but the pretties!!
Wedding blogs are fabulous. Thank you so much, Ann, for introducing me to 100 Layer Cake!!
This post captures some wonderful images from a real wedding where green was the accent color. Gorgeous!!

Some additional inspiration I found:

Save the Date Cards and Invitations:

I wish I had known about Etsy when J & I got married. I couldn't find invitations that I liked so I made mine. I put my limited PhotoShop skills to the test!!

Beautiful Favors:

Hmm... I wonder what budget-friendly party favors I can whip up for this Sunday's party??

Table Settings:

Both of these seem like easy DIY projects!! That I'm sure SOMEONE would be happy to put together. #1 is layered ribbon and #2 is a fun gift wrap. Maybe not all of Martha's craft projects are migraine-inducing OCD nightmares? :-)


Yeah, my preference for orchids isn't obvious based on these selections...

Dresses & Guys:

Obviously there are a ZILLION options for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. These are just a couple options that seemed to fit the color scheme nicely.

Cake (well, cupcakes - because "non-traditional" is the idea):

Since Carrot Cake Cupcakes (care of Yours Truly) are the running favorite at the moment, I'm partial to the 3rd cupcake image. Even the stone is edible!! It's some kind of fancified (my word) sugar. Mad skillz - I would be ordering those!

Oh, and just putting the images together for this post... I have a newfound appreciation for all of the hard work that my favorite bloggers do to put together their wonderful posts. Please, please, please keep it up! I promise I'll get better about commenting regularly!!




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