Feeling inspired...

It is raining in San Diego.
Not the standard glorified mist that we usually get... real rain.
I love it...

I want to cuddle up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate (or maybe apple cider!) ...
This spot would work for me:

This spot looks nice and cozy, too. I like all the grey... though the wallpaper is too busy for me.

Or maybe I'll put on my boots and go for a walk!


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Halloween Freebie

I made cuteness and feel compelled to share.
I am planning to use these as the envelope seals for my Pumpkin Carving Party invitations (which are decidedly awesome, to)... and possibly as drink tags or confetti.
They are perfectly sized for a one-inch punch... I'm using a Martha Stewart scalloped punch.

Eat drink be scary.pdf (251 KB)
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